Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PS3 lifetime sales surpass Xbox 360 lifetime sales after 8 years

According to vgchartz.com the PS3 has finally outsold the Xbox 360 after 8 years on the market. Xbox 360 has sold 77,311,669 units so far while the PS3 has now sold 77,313,472. Even though the PS3 is only 2,000 more units ahead this is the first time the PS3 lifetime sales have surpass Xbox 360 sales.

Once the PS3 first hit the market back in 2005 the Xbox had already sold 5 million units. After the PS3 had a slow start at there release the Xbox had widened the gap to 8 million units ahead of the PS3. After the PS3 had some strong games come out for it, the audience for the PS3 grew. Soon the PS3 was out selling the Xbox in every region other then the UK and the USA. After 8 long years the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 in lifetime sales. This made the PS3 the the second best selling system of this generation behind the Wii buy 22 million units.

Even with the PS4 coming out this year it is projected that the PS3 sales to get much, much higher because of many exclusive AAA titles coming out this year ( Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, Beyond Two Souls ). It is also very probable that Sony will keep PS3 support well after the PS4 release. This means PS3 will most likely only make the margin between the PS3 sales and Xbox 360 sales larger. This is great for Sony because this can make up a lot of momentum for the upcoming PS4 release. Will this help Sony out on PS4 sales? Probably, only time will tell.