Monday, May 20, 2013

PS4's New Trailer, Sony's stealing some of the Xbox's buzz

In under 24 hours of the Next Xbox reveal event Sony releases a teaser for the PS4 showing off glimpses of there next gen console.

Not much has been has been revealed by this trailer other then a few glimpses of the of the parts of the console and a blurred out box which is the PS4. The trailer also shows that the company is indeed showing the PS4 at E3 on June 10th which was clearly obvious.

These are the glimpses of the console shown throughout the trailer

Its no coincidence that Sony is revealing this trailer just a few hours before the big Xbox event. Clearly there intentions are to divert all the attention from the Xbox event to the PS4. This is actually working because all the buzz and talk is about the PS4 right now and not the Xbox ( PS4 is even the number one trend on twitter right now ). In fact all week Sony has been announcing things divert peoples attention from the Xbox event. First it was a teaser for Gran Turismo ( which sales wise is Sony's most successful franchise this generation ), then the official reveal of the game and now a PS4 trailer just a day before the big event. 

Sony is bringing everything to the table this gen not cutting Microsoft any slack.